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HANDS UP if you absolutely love decorating your homes for the gifting season! Christmas is just around the corner - are you one of those trying to squeeze out some space or ideas for a christmas tree (loaded with presents!)?

Try some of these Christmas Tree Wall Art ideas that are eco-friendly, space-saving and guaranteed bring out the festive cheers:


Christmas tree on a canvas is neat, versatile and easy to install! It is also storage-friendly and can probably last you a couple of years. 

Space Saving Christmas Tree
(Source: Notonthehighstreet)

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Choose a book shelf or put up wall planks... a simple solution to having a Christmas corner and a permanent space to store things later. 

Space Saving Christmas Tree
(Source: Pixersize)

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Write up your Christmas Tree using joyful words. A unique and personalized tree indeed!

Space Saving Christmas Tree
(Source: Notonthehighstreet)

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Thread this X'mas tree using colorful threads and display Christmas greeting cards or photos of your loved ones! 

Space Saving Christmas Tree
(Source: At Home with Kimvallee)

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Gotta love this tree skeleton formed by fairy lights! Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow....!

Space Saving Christmas Tree
(Source: Data Whicdn)

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Are you inspired much? We wish you a JOLLY MERRY BLESSED CHRISTMAS with your family and friends!

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Do you still look forward to your annual Dinner & Dance (D&D) event organized by your company? Feeling jaded by the less-than-exciting themes?

D&D organizing committees should start looking at refreshing new ways to make this annual dinner event a memorable one!

Here are 5 D&D themes to consider:

(1) Horror Night D&D

Whether it's halloween or not, looking creepy is never out of fashion!

Costume Rental Singapore

(Image credits from

Set the dressing theme on famous horror movie characters and complete this haun-tastic theme with a Thriller dance competition. 

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(2) Fast Food Icons D&D

Fast food lovers may fancy this! Lookbook includes the iconic Ronald Macdonald, red hair Wendy's, KFC founder Colonel Sanders, etc. And try putting a face to Burger King.

Costume Rental Singapore

(Image credits from PlanetDan)

Organize food eating contests and naturally, the song that best suits the night would be Fast Food Rockers.

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(3) Social Media Night D&D

Social media is prevalent in our everyday lives, making it easy for many to relate to the theme. Think along Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, Twitter, get the drill! The best dressed guest will be the one with the most LIKES :p

Costume Rental Singapore

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(4) Avatar D&D

Remember the epic sci-fi film, Avatar? Mimic the hybrid human-alien look and complete it with hunting props. Adopt a forest setting for the ballroom and use plenty of glow-in-the-dark decorations! 

Costume Rental Singapore

(Image credits from PanbenMedia)

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(5) Game of Thrones D&D

A medieval fantasy theme that lets everyone get creative with their wardrobe! Use flags, symbols and castle themed props for venue decorations.  

Costume Rental Singapore

Organize groups of people by tribes and have them present their group name on tribal banners.  

Click here to rent costumes and party props!

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Are you already involved in giving efforts these days? No, we're not referring to donating to City Harvest Church or the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We are talking about the giving of other forms of resources such as your new or pre-loved items to the needy! Idling clothes, furnitures, household appliances, computers, sports equipment, power tools...can be donated and given a new lease of life.

Giving is not just about making a donation, but it's about knowing that you will make a difference in others' lives.

Giving is receiving

Here's a list of where you can 'gift away' your pre-loved or brand new items:

  1. PASS IT ON (
    A programme started by Central Singapore CDC. Pass-It-On provides a web platform by channelling the donated items to the needy under the VWOs (for examples, Family Service Centres and Senior Citizen Centres) care. 
    Various donations booths spreaded out across Singapore. Donated items that are in good condition are processed and retailed at their Family Thrift Stores. Collection service provided for donations of bulky items and big appliances. 

    Appealing to all women to donate your new or used bras - any style bras in any sizes are accepted. 

    The Singapore Freecycle Network is an active community where members freely give out their pre-owned items. You'll need a yahoo email account to join the network.

Other giving projects that (we support!) you might be interested in:

  • SWAP & DROP 2014 (

     Swap your clothes
    This event invites ladies of all ages to Swap (exchange) their pre-owned items from their closet and Drop (donate) their pre-loved bras that would otherwise be discarded. Join them on 4th Oct at *SCAPE. 

    Food Bank Singapore Ltd
    Collects donations of your excess and unused food products that are in edible and good condition. Food donations are sorted and distributed to needy families. You could drop off your food donations at Food Bank's office or adopt a Food Bank Box to collect food donations from your office/estate!
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Rent Tycoons Owner Passive Income

Congrats to our July & August survey winners - Quinntay555Machintose, Andre Hartono - for winning S$250 each! is supporting a research project by the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) to study why people participate in the sharing economy.

This month TWO lucky participants get to win CASH VOUCHERS of S$100 or S$200 respectively upon completion of this survey!

Don't miss your chance, survey ends by 7 September 2014 12:00pm.


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Singapore is quickly embracing the sharing economy:

And the sharing economy is booming here (in Singapore), there (in Australia) and everywhere (in Milan)...including Brazil!

Are you already part of this mega collaborative consumption community? No? What is still holding you back? Come hear from The Sharing Economy Association on 28 August 2014 - we'll share 3 ways to kickstart the sharing lifestyle.

Sign up HERE for the Sharing Economy Association of Singapore's 1st public talk!

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