Despite the advancement of gaming technology with a better graphic, ways of playing, virtual environment and mobile devices; there is a small trace of joy in our memory to play retro arcade games which we used to play for hours and spent numerous coins.

Street Fighter II

There are multiple ways to recall those memories:

1. Buy
There are numerous sellers both offline and online in Singapore which selling arcade games from $250 to thousand dollars.

2. Build it yourself 
Nowadays there are tons of tutorial from the Internet on how to build a mini arcade machine running on Raspberry PI and emulation station. Not just a bit of IT knowledge, you also need to challenge yourself with a simple carpentry skill in order to build a box for it. At the end, it will cost you about $150 (depending on the material that you used and finishing touch).

3. Rent
The cost effective way to satisfy your 'childhood' memories is by renting them; we do not want to store them in our squeezy storage room and (most likely) we only play it for few days, guest entertainment, gathering event or just killing our long weekend time at home.

You can rent them at affordable price from $6/day
It comes with 30 games, plug and play, simple games to pass time, playable on the big screen and suitable for young kids. The console comes with 2 controllers.

Arcade Game Console Unit

The arcade game console above is another alternative to fulfill your dreams playing retro games from King of Fighter, Street Fighter, Macros, and many more.
It has more than 600 pre-installed games, plug and play to your SMART TV via HDMI cable (5 meters) and you are set to play for hours.

Some of the games are:
- King of Fighter (multiple versions)
- SNK vs Capcom
- Samurai Showdown
- Metal Slug (multiple versions)
- Marvel Super Heroes
- Marvel vs Capcom
- Street Fighter Alpha
- Street Fighter Zero
- Street Fighter (all versions)
- Mobile Suit Gundam
- Final Fight
- Dungeons & Dragons
- Megaman 2
- Pacman
- Robocop
- Double Dragon (all series)
- Super Mario Bros (8-bit version)
- Sengoku (all version)
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Fatal Fury
- World Heroes
- Dragon Ball Z
- All the fighter jets/planes (can't name them one by one)
- Contra and Super Contra
- Super Sidekicks
- Bomber Man World
- Many puzzle games such as: Tetris, Puzzle Bubbles, Magic Bubbles, etc
- Circus Charlie
- Donkey Kong (all series)
- Knights of Valour - KOV (all series)
and many more ... in total 680 games.

For more details, go to the following info 

Happy Gaming! 

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Usher in the Year of Goat 2015 with a fresh and clean home!

Rent Tycoons Singapore Short Term Rental

Don't miss out these 5 TO-DOs during your spring cleaning week:

#Vacuum Mattresses/Beds

Rent Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Hire mattress cleaning services for all the mattresses in your bedrooms. If it is too costly for you, you could also clean it yourself using specialized vacuum cleaners designed to remove dust and bed bugs in an instant!

We recommend renting these vacuum cleaners: Delphin Air & Vacuum CleanerPhisinic Bed Vacuum Cleaner and Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

#Vacuum Sofa

Rent UV Vacuum Cleaners

Clean all corners of your sofa or seats, especially if they are made of linen. Clear out the strands of hair and bits of food! A multi-purpose vacuum cleaner may do the trick or we recommend renting this vacuum cleaner: UV Vacuum Cleaner

#Steam Cleaning Curtains

Rent Steam Cleaners

Send your curtains to the laundry shop for washing by batches, but if you are worried they might shrink in length - it is best to steam clean your curtains instead. Rent Karcher steam cleaners here and here. Steam cleaners can also ideal for cleaning hard floors, tiles, cooker hoods, windows, etc.

#Cleaning Doors & Walls

Rent Steam Cleaners Singapore

One of the more forgotten practice is to clean the surfaces of our doors, walls and even walls of shower stalls. For wet cleaning, we recommend renting these wet and dry cleaners: OSIM Genie and Philips Wet, Dry & Shampoo Cleaner.

#Cleaning Outdoor Items

Rent High Pressure Washer

Last but not least, choose an easy way to clean bulky outdoor items. Use high pressure washers for speedy cleaning of outdoor items and mobile vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, etc. We recommend Karcher High Pressure Washer or Karcher High Pressure Washer with Foam Nozzle

Kickstart your spring cleaning today! 

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Counting down to the Lunar New Year and this year 2014 we usher in the Wood Horse year!

Rent Tycoons Singapore Short Term Rental Expat Rentals

Start spring cleaning with the following tips:

1. To Keep It Simple

The Horse does not fancy chaos, so keep it minimal.

(Image Credits: http://cdn.decoist.com/Minimalist Office Design

Clear away clutter that has been piling up, move things around to clean up "blind" areas & sort out unwanted items in your wardrobe, drawers & other storage areas. 

File loose items (bills, letters, namecards, etc) neatly & stay organized.  

2. Identifying The Cash In Your Clutter

The Horse is a worker, adepts at handling money and a good financier. It's just about the right time to learn how to make money from your mess. 

Don't underestimate the value of your idling items. Instead of throwing things out, explore income making  opportunities through selling, renting or barter trading.

Read here about how one of our top owners made over S$1000 through renting via www.RentTycoons.com!

3. Fill The House With More Energy

Horse people are active & energetic. Good to fill the house with things that can give you a boost!Fresh Flower Works Wonders For Your Room

Recycle withered plants & replace them with fresh, healthy ones. New pots of plants/flowers can bring in fresh aroma, brighten up the room & increase abundance! Top picks for plants: jade plant, orchids, peonies & lilies.

(Image Credits: www.sendmyflowers.com)


4. Use New Methods To Clean More Efficiently

The spirit of the Horse is recognized to be the Chinese people's ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. Thus, speed up your cleaning sessions by learning some new tricks here: Cleaning Hacks!

Here's one of our favorites:

Ikea Cleaning Tips

5. Giving Away As The Horse Would Give

Did we mention the humble humanitarianism of the Horse? For the Horse, giving is the right thing to do. In the same light, how about donating some of the under-ultilized items in your house that are still in pristine conditions?

You could also freely give away items to a community of people who can find new uses for your pre-loved items via SG FreeCycle

Happy Lunar New Year 2014!

Rent Tycoons wishes all.... a prosperous & swift lunar new year! 

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