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27 May 2017 Hawksford: 
Sponsoring the annual Indonesia StartUp Insights Awards


16 Oct 2016 Arcadier: How Brilliant Marketplace Ideas Came To Life

18 Apr 2016 Channel News Asia: New World Without Strangers Episode 3

30 Mar 2016 Channel News Asia: Testing the burgeoning sharing economy in Singapore

24 Feb 2016 Channel 8: Moneyweek Episode 40

19 Feb 2016 The Straits Times: Singapore's sharing economy: Why are we not doing more?


28 Oct 2015 Channel Suria: Detik Episode 15 Konsep Baru Ekonomi

31 Aug 2015 Accenture's Book: Waste to Wealth: The Circular Economy Advantage

23 Feb 2015 The Edge Singapore: DARE to share

6 Feb 2015 Institute of Policy Studies: Singapore as a Digital Village a Plausible Reality

4 Jan 2015 The Straits Times: Facebook For Neighbours


Centre for Liveable Cities: Singapore as a Digital Village a Plausible Reality

23 Sep 2014 5 Eco-Friendly Ways To De-Clutter Your Life

12 Aug 2014 “共享经济”在新加坡悄然兴起

11 Aug 2014 Channel News Asia Singapore: Singapore's sharing economy is on the rise

13 Jul 2014 Lianhe Wanbao: 玩具、电器、挤奶器出租少用物品赚外快

7 Jul 2014 The Straits Times: 
Sharing Economy Now A Taxing Issue 

7 Jul 2014 Frugal In Singapore: How You Can Save Money and the Environment with the New Sharing Economy 

4 Jul 2014 Where To Rent Furniture In Singapore

25 Jun 2014 938Live Radio Interview By Daphne Lim: Would You Share Your Prize Possessions? 

23 Jun 2014 Frugal In Singapore: 6 Ways To Save Money on Your Wedding

20 Jun 2014 Channel News Asia SG Tonight: Launch of the Sharing Economy Association (SG)

19 Jun 2014 958 Radio Interview By 淑君: 社会正能量

16 Jun 2014 New Association Marks Arrival Of Sharing Economy in Singapore

12 Jun 2014 MyPaper: When sharing beats owning

12 Jun 2014 The Straits Times: Sharing about a 'sharing economy'

6 Jun 2014 6 Startups To Form Sharing Economy Association Singapore [Chinese Version Here]

Jun 2014 Impulse Magazine (for the German-Speaking Community in SG): Was meins ist, ist auch deins 

19 May 2014 TODAYOnline: Making Singapore A Digital Village

4 May 2014 The Straits Times: Just Rent And Save [Read Full Article Here]

28 Apr 2014 The Straits Times: Uphill task to get homes to cut waste

3 Feb 2014 The Straits Times: Need Something? Just Rent It Through Web [Chinese Version Here]

8 Jan 2014 Need anything for CNY? You can rent it from someone near you!



8 Oct 2013 Peer-To-Peer Renting In Singapore with Rent Tycoons

6 Sep 2013 The Malaysian Insider: Buy without owning - Better for you, for earth

Aug 2013 Expat Living: Rent, Don't Buy

14 Mar 2013 Green Future Solutions: Die Die Must Share

15 Jan 2013 Razor TV: Thrifty Bride


18 Sep 2012 AsiaOne: Super Thrifty Bride

8 Feb 2012 Coffee With CoFounders 

16 Jan 2012 Why buy when you can rent with Rent Tycoons? 

2 Mar 2012 Singapore Sparks Interview: Swito Yuber of 

1 Mar 2012 TODAY: Putting a new spin on the Web

20 Jan 2012 Singalobang: 租用物品概念料在本地兴起

Jan 2012 Temasek Polytechnic Business IT Newsletter: BIT Alumni Founder of Rent Tycoons 

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