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Micro-Entrepreneurship Series Aug 2013

Micro-Entrepreneurship With Rent Tycoons

Rent Tycoons Top Owner

Starting this month, we will kick-start on our Micro-Entrepreneurship Series where we feature the unique stories behind our owners and renters! 

Meet Christina, one of the top owners in, who has made more than $1100 so far from renting out her belongings! 

Over a 3-month period, Christina has uploaded more than 40 items. 

Some of her items that are repeatedly rented include: Portable Air Conditioner, Ceramic Bake Plates, Novita Garment Steamer, Foldable Tables, Foldable Chairs, Stainless Steel Buffet Trays, etc.

Christina (a business owner) shares, "Companies should look around their offices to identify 'blood clots' that are taking up storage space. These items could be put to better use. I used to complain about the portable air conditioner that simply takes up too much space, but now, it has become a valuable asset that could earn me some cash!"

Read her testimony here: 

Testimony for Rent Tycoons!

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